5 Year Craftsmanship & Relationship Warranty

ITech Painters guarantees craftsmanship for 5 years:

  • Paint Failure Repairs : Peeling or blistering paint will be repaired and repainted, labor and materials included, for up to 5 years.
  • Caulking Failure Repairs : Areas where the caulking has torn, broken, or opened will be repaired and touched-up with paint. Due to nature of touch-up, new work may be noticeable against existing painted surfaces.
  • Extreme Color Fading Repainting: Noticeable areas where paint color has “washed out” will be repainted. Even though paint manufacturers do not cover color fade in their warranties, ITech Painters does cover unusual, extreme color fading that is clearly noticeable and set apart from other areas of the home.

Beyond these industry leading warranty coverages, we will also provide the following at no cost to you:

  • Complimentary Soft Pressure Washings: We promise to return during the 2nd year of the warranty to pressure wash the home, keeping it looking fresh and clean of all natural debris.
  • Complimentary Exterior Home Inspections: To ensure our completed work maintains its integrity for a 5 year period, we will return to re-examine the home and remedy any damages that may need assistance at year 2.
  • Transferable Warranty: Selling your home? The 5 warranty stays with the paint on your home.

The following are EXCLUDED from our 5 Year Warranty: Damages and paint failures that are caused by “Acts of God,” people, or animals, stains (only paint is covered), decks and any other horizontal surfaces, interior painting, sheen/gloss loss, mold and mildew damage, painting done by someone other than ITech Painters, homes built before 1979, and commercial buildings.

With this warranty program, as the homeowner, you can have confidence that we provide quality work, and guarantee it with our Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty. As a five star rated company on Google, Yelp, and Houzz, we are committed to being here for you.

ITech Painters warrants its exterior painting services against defects in material and workmanship for 5 years from the date of the initial order. All vertical painted surfaces will be free from any failure in material or workmanship, defined as blistering, peeling, broken caulking, or extreme color fade. ITech Painters will, in its sole discretion, repair or repaint any affected areas of the home. This limited warranty may be transferred to subsequent owners for any unexpired portion of the warranty period. ITech Painters will not be liable for damage caused by acts of God, extreme weather, abuse by people or animals, insect infestation, mold, mildew, dry rot or defective substrates or failure of any work or materials not supplied by ITech Painters. This limited warranty is issued in lieu of any implied warranties and does not cover any consequential or incidental damage. This warranty may not be amended or extended by any statements or representations of any ITech Painters’ employee.