residential exterior painting colors

The Best Modern Residential Colors for Exterior Painting in Hillsboro

Posted October 26, 2023 in Exterior Painting

Choosing a color scheme for your home’s exterior is a critical decision. At ITech Painters, based in Hillsboro, we know this all too well. We recognize that the exterior of your home forms its first i …

exterior painting in portland

The Critical Role of Exterior Painting in Portland to Protect Your Home

Posted October 26, 2023 in Exterior Painting

In the Northwest, where the climate can be unpredictable, safeguarding your home’s exterior is challenging but necessary. Statistics show that harsh winter weather can cause significant damage to home …

paint contractor

Choose A Paint Contractor That Operates With Integrity

Posted April 27, 2023 in Exterior Painting, Interior Painting

As a homeowner, you deserve a beautiful, well-maintained home that reflects your style and personality. One way to achieve this is by hiring professional house painters in Portland for painting servic …

Local Paint Contractor

Hiring a Family-Owned, Licensed, Local Paint Contractor

Posted March 31, 2023 in Exterior Painting, Interior Painting

Painting your home is an exciting and vital project that requires a skilled and experienced contractor. When selecting the best paint contractor for your project, you’ll want to consider hiring a loca …

Curb appeal

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal With a Painting Contractor

Posted March 6, 2023 in Exterior Painting

Are you looking to give your home’s exterior a fresh look and boost curb appeal? If so, then you should consider hiring a professional painting contractor in the Portland area. From helping you choose …