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Hiring a Family-Owned, Licensed, Local Paint Contractor

Painting your home is an exciting and vital project that requires a skilled and experienced contractor. When selecting the best paint contractor for your project, you’ll want to consider hiring a local, licensed, family-owned business like ITech Painters in Portland. Here are some benefits of hiring a local paint contractor over a national company. 

Quality Service

Local companies have ties to the community and relationships with their customers that keep them accountable for quality work. At ITech Painters, we take pride in our craft and customer service—we know that happy customers lead to successful projects! A locally owned and operated painting company is more likely to provide quality service because they are invested in its reputation within the community. 

Local Paint Contractor

Expertise & Experience

The team at ITech Painters has been serving Portland and the Western Metro area since 2004, so we have years of experience under our belt when it comes to painting in the Pacific Northwest! Local contractors are often experts with years of experience working on projects in their specific area or region. They understand how exterior paint will react differently in different climates or locations due to weather conditions, etc., and which color schemes look best with certain types of homes/buildings. 

Cost Savings

By enlisting a local company for your painting desires, you can capitalize on the cost savings from accessing reduced prices provided by nearby vendors and suppliers. These discounts or payment plans are tailored for regional companies such as ours, enabling you to access more bang for your buck. When you partner with us, there are no hidden charges or fees related to shipping and handling.

You won’t have any additional expenses from ordering through overseas vendors, nor will you be hit with extra costs for paying online or using a credit card. Our services come without the added hassle of these unexpected financial burdens.

Supporting Your Community

Hiring a local contractor like ITech Painters supports the local economy and keeps money in your community. We pay taxes, rent office space, and shop at local stores, providing jobs, increasing commerce, and boosting the quality of life of those around us. And because we are family-owned, our profits return to the community rather than a distant corporate headquarters. 

Plus, when you hire locally, you are helping to create jobs—this can be especially beneficial in areas with high unemployment or underemployment rates. By investing in the local economy, we help improve the quality of life for everyone and make our community stronger.

As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing a local family-owned paint contractor over a national company for your next home improvement project.

Our experienced painters have proudly served homeowners throughout Portland since 2004—we’ll ensure your next project goes smoothly from start to finish! With our help, your home will look beautiful inside and out!

If you live near Portland and need expert advice about color selection or interior/exterior painting services, don’t hesitate to contact ITech Painters today!

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