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Here in Portland & Hillsboro, we get battered by heavy rain throughout the year, creating the perfect environment for mold and mildew to form on the outside of your home or commercial property. While these wet conditions can wreak havoc on siding, trim, decks, and railings, a professionally applied coat of exterior paint can add a layer of protection and give your home an upgraded, refreshed look. At ITech Painters, we take the time to consider the specific needs of your home and will discuss your project at length during your free initial consultation. In addition, our professional designers will work with you one-on-one to discuss all of your options for paint, finish, and color to ensure you are happy with the result for years to come.

We Stand Behind All of Our Projects

We consider it a privilege to work with all of our customers and stand behind our expertise and craftsmanship. There are a lot of things to consider when undergoing a painting project, and we don’t want to give you more to worry about. We strive to put your mind at ease as much as possible. Each exterior painting project comes with our two-year warranty on all our residential non-lead painting services and a one-year warranty for lead renovations. When you work with us, you’ll rest easy knowing that you received the highest-quality product and service possible.
  • Exterior Painting Pricing
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    Exterior Painting – Your home’s exterior paint has a major impact on its curb appeal and overall value in addition to protecting it from the wet Northwest climate. Don’t let your home become the neighborhood tear down. Call us today and get the beautiful coat of exterior paint you have always dreamed of.
  • Deck Staining –  It’s important to protect your deck from the harsh elements here in Hillsboro. Deck staining not only is great for highlighting the wood grain and improves the appearance of your property, it can also prevent it from fading, reduce natural wear and tear, and water damage. With the weather conditions in the Portland metro area, it is important to prevent the wood from absorbing moisture. When moisture gets into your deck it will freeze and cause damage to the structure. You can trust ITech Painters to provide all your deck staining needs.
  • Dry Rot Repair – Dry rot is caused by moisture intrusion that creates fungus which feeds on and weakens wood. Noticeable signs of dry rot are bubbling or blistering paint, discolored water-stained or splitting wood, and wood that feels soft to the touch. At ITech Painters, our skilled team can identify signs of dry rot on the exterior of your home and work with you to not only solve the problem but prevent dry rot from taking hold in the future. When it comes time to make repairs, our team will remove the dry rot and replace it, primer and paint (if needed). Our team can also assist in the replacement of your home’s siding, fascia, flashing, and more.
  • Carpentry – We also offer light carpentry work. From trim repair or installation to drywall and plaster repair, our team can help with the small touch-ups that can make a big difference in your home’s appearance.
  • Pressure Washing Professional pressure washing your siding, deck, driveway and other exterior surfaces around your home can quickly and effectively remove built-up dirt, sediment and other debris. This reduces wear and tear by getting rid of mold, chalk, insects, weeds and more while leaving your home looking beautiful.

Exterior Painting Price & Project Examples from Portland Area

With more than 18 years of experience working on a variety of homes in the Hillsboro and Portland area, we understand the importance of knowing just how much an exterior painting project for your home will cost. Check out some of our previous projects below to get an idea of what to expect. During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss exactly what you’re looking for and provide a detailed estimate for your unique project.

Exterior painting Hard Plank 2 Story Before
residential exterior painting colors
  • Hardie-Plank Sided, 2-Story Home (Most common siding on homes built in the last 20 years) –In terms of durability and low maintenance, Hardie is the best siding to have, and when prepped and painted correctly, will last a very long time. It does not rot, very rarely blisters, and holds up extremely well to the Northwest climate. The only issue is some fading on sunnier sides of the property with darker colors (our professional designers can assist with choosing the best colors for your home to prevent fading). The pricing for this exterior painting project can range from $7,000 to $10,000+.
Exterior residential painting Cedar Siding after 1978 Before
Exterior Residential Painting Cedar Siding after 1978 After
  • Cedar Siding Houses Built After 1978 (Lead-based paint no longer used) – Cedar siding generally needs to be sprayed and then back-rolled/brushed to insure proper paint coverage and adhesion. Cedar must be kept up with and painted on a regular cycle. With cedar, if you wait until the house looks like it desperately needs paint, you have waited too long. Cedar will buckle, warp, split, and pull away when it is overdue for painting. Our process of using high-grade paint, combined with spraying, brushing, and rolling the siding ensures your siding looks good for years to come. The pricing for this exterior painting project can range from $7,000- $12,000+.

Exterior Painting Price Factors: Condition of current siding and the amount of prep and scraping needed. Difficulty level and windows also affect costs.

Exterior Residential Painting Single Level Home Before
Exterior Residential Painting Single Level Home After
  • Single-Level Home – With single-level homes, you can expect an exterior painting project to range from cost anywhere from $5,500 – $7,500+.
Exterior Residential Painting Stucco - EFIS Before
Curb appeal
  • Stucco and EFIS homes – You can expect projects on stucco and exterior insulation and finish system (EFIS) homes to range from $7,000- $12,000.

Historic Portland and other Older Homes

If your home was built prior to 1978, it may contain lead paint. We have years of experience dealing safely with lead paint and are certified in lead-based paint renovation by the Oregon Construction Contractors Board. Our knowledge and expertise in lead paint renovation can both beautify homes and protect Portland families from the harmful effects of lead-based paint.

Best Exterior Home Painters D'Aubin Before
exterior painting in portland
  • Early 20th Century Home, 2 stories, Lead-based Paint Present – These older, beautiful houses have a lot of character that require careful attention to detail. We have a trained, experienced team of painters who are licensed to work with lead-based paints that can handle these projects with safety and detail. This type of project can cost anywhere from $17,000-30,000+.

Exterior Painting Price Factors: Due to age, siding conditions can vary greatly. Painted windows, storm windows, porch floors and rails, accent pieces, and color placement can also affect costs.

Exterior Residential Painting Single Level Lead Home Before
Exterior Residential Painting Single Level Lead Home After
  • Mid-Century Single-Level Home, Lead-based Paint Present –Generally in decent shape if the paint has been consistently applied over the life of the home. Common problems are cracking paint, which is why we always cover with a bonding primer. Costs for these types of projects can range from $10,000 to $15,000+.