Donate & Match

At ITech Painters, servicing the Portland and Hillsboro, OR, area, we believe in the love of adoption and donate to Choice Adoptions regularly. This November 2022 we are partnering with Choice Adoptions to celebrate National Adoption Awareness Month by matching up to $10,000 worth of donations made by our community.

Choice Adoptions Rethink Adoption 300

About Choice Adoptions

The mission of Choice Adoptions is to serve all people involved in the adoption process and to protect vulnerable children.

Choice is comprised of social workers, counselors, and advocates who are here to help. If you are pregnant and considering your options, we promise to listen and help you wander through this difficult phase. We understand this time can be confusing and scary and our intention is not to talk you into doing anything you don’t want to do.

That is not our heart.

We believe everyone needs help from time to time. We also believe when we reach out to help others, all that love comes back and changes the way we think about the world. That love and sense of community raises our ability to love others right where they are.

Our Story

In 2004, my wife Sherrie and I ventured out to create our own business; a painting company. I had recently graduated from Multnomah University and was looking for a new career path while chasing a childhood dream of being a business owner. Having no business experience, but possessing some painting skill I had gained while working at a maintenance job for 5 years, painting was a perfect fit. 

We believed we could provide homeowners with a better contractor experience; one based around integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, and friendliness. With that initial vision, ITech Painters was born. We didn’t have much in the beginning, and purchased our first van for $355, which had to be spray painted to hide all the rust spots! Sherrie and I set out walking neighborhoods together, handing out flyers to drum up business.