Lead Paint Renovation

Lead Paint Renovation Services

ITech Painters understands the importance of safety and compliance when dealing with lead paint in residential and commercial properties. Our lead paint renovation services are designed to address the unique challenges posed by lead-based paint, ensuring that your property is beautiful and safe for occupants.

Lead paint can pose serious health risks, particularly during renovation or painting projects where dust and particles can be released into the air. That’s why it’s crucial to trust experienced professionals with the knowledge and expertise to contain and remove lead paint hazards safely. At ITech Painters, our team is trained in lead-safe work practices and follows strict protocols to minimize exposure and protect the health of our clients and their families or employees.

Whether renovating an older home or updating a commercial building, our lead paint renovation services provide peace of mind that your project will be undertaken with the greatest care and attention to detail. From thorough inspections and testing to safe containment and removal, we handle every aspect of the process to ensure compliance with EPA regulations and industry best practices.