Lead Paint Renovation

Portland’s Lead Paint Problem

​Lead, the toxic metal used in old piping, paints, and other products, poses a particular threat to Portland because many of Portland’s historic homes and schools were built with lead paint in a time when the risks of lead weren’t well understood. It can cause nervous system damage, stunted growth, kidney problems, and other issues that especially affect the young. Any Portland home built before 1978 potentially has lead-based paint on the exterior and occasionally on the interior as well.

The ITech Solution

​The ITech Painters have years of experience dealing safely with lead paint and are ​CERTIFIED in LEAD-BASED PAINT RENOVATION by the​ ​Oregon Construction Contractors Board. A carefully planned and thorough approach is needed to do lead paint removal right—you can’t simply chip the paint off or paint over it and expect the problem to be solved. We hope that we can make use of our painting knowledge and expertise to not only beautify homes, but to protect Portland families from the harmful effects of lead exposure as well.

Lead Paint In Your Home?

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