Our Company

ITech Painters was founded in 2004 by husband and wife Ryan and Sherrie Whipple. Having worked for several years as a painter, Ryan noticed that while many painters were technically skilled, few were personable and able to create trusting relationships with their clients. Ryan and Sherrie took to the streets handing out fliers to promote their new business and worked side by side as the painters themselves. Just over a decade later, ITech has expanded as one of the leading professional painting companies in the Portland Metro area.

Meet Our Team

The value of ITech is in its people. We take our time and use selective measures to hire individuals who have both the technical expertise and a personality that fits the company culture. ITech employees are characteristically nice, trustworthy individuals who are passionate about their work.

Picture of Ryan



Picture of Sherrie


Owner and Color Expert

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Field Manager

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Lead Painter

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Lead Painter

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Lead Painter

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Color Consultant

Our Mission: Adding Happiness to Homes

Our overarching mission is to bring happiness to the home. The primary way we accomplish this is through offering top-quality, professional painting services to homeowners in our area. We are also active supporters of adoption. As parents of adopted children ourselves, we are passionate about helping children who don’t have a home find their forever families. Learn more about our journey and how you can help kids attain their own happy home through adoption.