Our Story

by Ryan Whipple, Owner

In 2004, my wife Sherrie and I ventured out to create our own business; a painting company. I had recently graduated from Multnomah University and was looking for a new career path while chasing a childhood dream of being a business owner. Having no business experience, but possessing some painting skill I had gained while working at a maintenance job for 5 years, painting was a perfect fit. 

We believed we could provide homeowners with a better contractor experience; one based around integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, and friendliness. With that initial vision, ITech Painters was born. We didn’t have much in the beginning, and purchased our first van for $355, which had to be spray painted to hide all the rust spots! Sherrie and I set out walking neighborhoods together, handing out flyers to drum up business.

Excitement sprung whenever a phone call would come in with potential work. For many years it was only me, along with Sherrie’s help, who would do all the painting. Each year the business would grow, primarily by word of mouth, referrals, and more flyers. Over the years, we discovered the enjoyment in bringing happiness and satisfaction to our clients through new paint and the experience they had with ITech. Our goal was to grow the company and see what impact we could have in our community.

It was during these early years that we also were trying to start a family. Many years passed, however, with unfulfilled longings and disappointment at our inability to create the family we so desperately wanted. It wasn’t until 2009 that we got the call we had waited so long to receive: our adoption agency informed us that a little baby boy was born in Clackamas and was waiting to meet his new parents!

Meeting him for the first time at 2 days old, we were filled with love, joy, and comfort. We named him Nehemiah, which means “The Lord Comforts.” The answer to our years of prayers had come. This little boy was our gift and comfort from the Lord. The gift of adoption became very real, and we are forever grateful for the daily fulfillment we receive from it. Because of our experience, we are moved by a deep compassion for couples with the desire to adopt, and are driven to help children find a home who do not have one.

More recently, Sherrie and I realized the connection of our passions: running a trustworthy painting business that makes customers happy with their homes, and helping people adopt children – also resulting in a happy home. We now see the overall mission of ITech Painters as “Bringing Happiness to Homes.”

We started our company by painting walls, inside and out, with colors that showcase personality, add warmth and depth to rooms, and update and brighten exteriors. As the years have gone by, ITech Painters has grown. Employees have been added, as well as a fleet of better looking vans. More children have also been added to the Whipple family; we now have two boys and two girls. ITech’s greater mission and vision is to have a massive impact on adoption in effort to provide all children with a family and home to call their own. We work closely with our adoption agency, Choice Adoptions and a percentage of ITech’s annual profits is given to further the work of child adoption.

We donate a percentage of our annual profits to help further the work of child adoption.
Bringing happiness to homes through adoption

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From left to right: Zoe, Sherrie, Joy, Elisha, Ryan, Nehemiah