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Best Interior Paints for the Do-It-Yourselfer

Repainting your interior is an easy way to update and add value to your home. Whether you’re repainting a newly purchased home, repainting to sell your home, or are just tired of looking at your outdated bathroom, there are still a few key items to consider before pulling out your dusty brushes and rollers.

You’ve picked out your colors, you’ve purchased whatever material you might need (plastic, painters tape, rollers, etc.), but now the store clerk is asking what type of paint you want to use. Sure, they can throw out a few fancy paint product names, but do the words “water-based urethane enamel” really mean anything to someone who’s just trying to paint their bathroom walls?

There is a reason for this, however, and it is important to know which paint you should use for certain areas and items in your home. Have a bathroom with poor ventilation and prone to mildew buildup? There’s a paint that can minimize that. Have trim that needs to be repainted due to natural wear and tear overtime? There’s a paint for that.

We’ve created a guide for the different types of paint products we love and where you might want to use them in your home.

Interior Walls

Our Favorites: Sherwin-Williams Cashmere, Emerald, or Miller Evolution

Major paint companies recommend product to homeowners based on both their durability and finish, as well as their simple application. It’s important that not only does wall paint have fantastic coverage, but the paint disburses evenly from both a brush or roller creating consistency in your coat of paint.

Interior walls have a wide range of sheens to choose from (the most popular being eggshell). However, we’re seeing the use of flat/matte sheen more often nowadays. Flat is harder to clean, but is easier to touch up and provides a unique, modern look to the home.  

Bathroom Walls and Ceilings

Our Favorites: Sherwin-Williams Duration Home, Sherwin-Williams Emerald, Miller Premium, or Miller Evolution Glass

Specifically for full bathrooms, over time steam from the shower will create moisture and mildew buildup in both the walls and ceilings. It’s important to prevent this before the build up happens ultimately leading to drywall damage and costly repairs. We recommend homeowners use a paint that prevents mold and mildew buildup for both the walls and ceilings of full bathrooms. These products create a moisture barrier, essentially allowing any moisture or water to bead off the wall instead of soaking into the drywall. It is important to note, however, that there is truly no replacement for having a good, reliable ventilation fan in a full bathroom.   

Interior Trim and Doors

Our Favorites: Sherwin-Williams Emerald Urethane, Miller Evolution Trim, or Benjamin Moore Advance

For trim and doors, a hybrid paint (hosting both benefits of both water and oil in paint) provides a more durable finish. Baseboards, door trim, and window trim are prone to be kicked, rubbed, hit, or bumped, requiring a product that binds tougher than a wall paint, while also making it easy to clean or touch up.

It’s just as important to find the correct sheen for painting trim.  A higher sheen, such as semi-gloss or gloss, will provide greater durability in these high traffic areas.

Need help picking out the right sheen for your project?  Read our how-to-guide here.

Have a paint or color question you would like answered? Please send your question to and we will do our best to try and answer it in an upcoming blog post.

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